What do high-end ecommerce websites consist of?



Websites are a good alternative to brick and mortar sales operations; according to recent research studies, consumption drives nearly 60% of the Internet economy. Besides that, two thirds of consumers are categorised as active Internet users. It stands to reason why savvy business people put their websites in the hands of professional designers – a well-designed website helps win the target customer. But what do high-end ecommerce websites actually consist of?

High-end ecommerce websites have compatibility with major browsers

Professionally designed websites are compatible with the most popular computer platforms and major browsers. One can never know which browser the target customers use to view an ecommerce website, that’s why experienced web designers make sure that from landing to purchase, every page renders across all popular browsers. No matter which browser is used, ecommerce websites shouldn’t look distorted, nor should they have unclickable links – it may be a complete turn-off for potential visitors.

High-end ecommerce websites have a user-friendly interface

To make ecommerce websites as effective as billboards in grabbing attention, designers use a host of techniques. Some web designers may tend to do the job to the point of overkill but sometimes there is no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Lots of Internet users admit that eye-catching but slow loading pages, moving texts and pop-ups of an ecommerce website may be rather annoying. The best way to draw in visitors is to be user-friendly. A web design agency, which is at the vanguard of the surge in creative development, can turn any website into a real attention grabber.

High-end ecommerce websites have great content

How to make casual browsers want to stay a bit longer? One of the alternatives is to offer them engaging and fresh content. It applies to both text and graphics. Dedicated web design professionals should have a firm grasp of one’s business idea to develop the content which reflects it in the best way. A good ecommerce website has brilliant graphics and well-written engaging descriptions featuring the latest figures. It is a great idea to outsource from professional content writers and photographers to make casual visitors want to scroll through page after page. The well-organised content may help sites occupy the highest positions in the search engine listings which results in more traffic – according to statistics, the majority of Internet users don’t proceed with search results further than the first two pages.

High-end ecommerce websites have easy navigation

What a website looks like is important but functionality is also vital. Ecommerce websites are designed to facilitate the sales process but customers may quickly switch for competitors’ ecommerce website if the lay-out is not clearly road-mapped. High-end websites have easy navigation; at the same time, they aren’t cluttered with links. Since most customers go online to save time, professional designers make sure they can reach the necessary information with a couple of clicks. A clear hierarchy is especially required for websites offering a wide range of products and services. To make the search process easier and quicker, web designers leave room in the website structure for on-site search engines which allow customers to navigate the site by product category, price, brand, etc.

High-end ecommerce websites have a quick-click buying procedure

A well-designed ecommerce website offers customers convenient payment solutions. According to Boston Consulting Group, up to 65% of Internet users leave websites when they have reached the checkout page. Among the main reasons why Internet customers abandon shopping carts at the last moment, experts name the slow or unclear payment procedure. Dedicated web design professionals reduce the number of steps which customers should take to get the necessary goods. If the payment procedure presupposes registration, customers are alerted about that before they reach the checkout. If there are any additional costs, which are added to the final price at the last stage, customers are informed about that in advance. The purchasing process of high-end ecommerce websites is secure and quick.

High-end ecommerce websites have a well-substantiated price

Even a high-end ecommerce website once outgrows the current ecommerce solutions and should be optimised. Savvy business people, diving head first into the world of ecommerce, prefer to pay once to get websites which are not going to cost the earth to be redeveloped. Websites, which cost less to create, may turn out to be too expensive to optimise, so it’s important to make the right investment.


Source by Paul Smith

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