Microsoft Dynamics GP Version Update Notes


Being on the current version of your Corporate ERP application is probably not mandatory, rather good recommendation and advice.  However if you are on really outdated or antiquity accounting application version, upgrade is recommended and definitely wise step to do, and there are several factors to consider, please see them below in paragraphs.  In the case of Microsoft Dynamics GP or as it was formerly known Great Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise or Great Plains Accounting for DOS, Windows and Mac – upgrade has another business decision related specific as the requirement to be current in Microsoft Dynamics GP annual enhancement program.  Let’s begin our review:

1. Outdate Corporate ERP version.  Here, even if it works OK or even exceeds expectations, please consider the following potential problems: incompatibility with new Hardware and Server Operating System (Windows Server 2008, for example), SQL Server Platform (versions prior to Dynamics GP 9.0 are not compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008), new printer drivers incompatibility, etc.  What happens if you need new user licenses or new modules for outdated Great Plains version which is no longer supported (8.0, 7.5, 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, 4.0)?  The answer is simple – you will not be able to purchase new modules or user licenses as Microsoft Business Solutions doesn’t support these versions

2. Reenrollment into Microsoft Dynamics GP annual enhancement program penalty.  Reenrollment cost might be substantial if you are not in the program for several years.  The penalty amount might be comparable to outstanding balance for the summary of all the unpaid annual enhancement Quotes amount.  If your company shrank, Microsoft Dynamics GP software repurchase might be the way out to get the regkey  for newest version and enabling Dynamics GP version update process.  From time to time Microsoft may have so-called old customer forgiveness campaign, where you can reenroll your company back to the program for discounted penalty price

3. Good Microsoft Dynamics GP version upgrade practice.  We recommend you to be reasonably conservative and there is safe enough to skip one version and when you decide to do upgrade, wait at least two service pack to be released for targeted version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  For example, as we are writing these lines in November 2009, current version is Dynamics GP 10.0 and it has Service Pack 4 released – as such – in our opinion it is perfect time to upgrade to GP 10.0.

4. Test Upgrade.  As upgrade is sort of surgery, and its results are data driven (meaning that if your Dynamics GP company has errors and orphan records, due to multiple aborted batch posting – you may have issues during upgrade) – it is generally good idea to have Test upgrade first

5. Upgrade Path.  Normally, if you are one or two versions behind, upgrade has only one step: you or better your Dynamics GP consultant read upgrade technical paper, apply required service pack to your old version, install new version and apply required Service Pack to the new version.  Then run Dynamics GP Utilities to begin Server upgrade.  When Server upgrade is done, install new version GP workstations.  Then upgrade FRx Financial Reports, ReportWriter reports, Integration Manager, Customizations (such as Great Plains Dexterity custom add-ons), third party Dynamics GP ISV partners products (review your Dynamics.set file to identify custom add-ons).  If you have eConnect, SQL Stored Procedures custom integrations, ecomerce integrations – those consider special upgrade considerations

6. Very old version upgrade path.  If you are on Great Plains Accounting for DOS or Windows, Great Plains Dynamics on Pervasive SQL Server 2000/Btrieve or Ctree – upgrade should include more than one step.  GPA and GP on Pervasive and Ctree require Migration Tool to move them to Great Plains Dynamics 7.5 on MS SQL Server

7. Microsoft Small Business Financials migration to Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 with following upgrade to GP 10.0.  As you may be aware that Microsoft Small Business Financials/Manager product line is in phasing out.  The last version is SBF 9.0.  Consider migration to Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Ready Business Essential licensing.  There is Small Business Financials 9.0 to Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Migration Tool – this tool should be trusted to professional Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant

8. Dynamics GP Dexterity Customizations Upgrade.  You should request original source code from your Great Plains Dexterity programmer, who did your customization a while ago, this Dexterity source code should be reviewed in the sense of being compatible with new targeted GP version.  If you do not have access to original Dexterity programmer, you should locate new and reliable Dexterity Guru

9. If upgrade is outside of your Budget.  We respect your situation and we support virtually all the versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise, Great Plains Accounting for DOS, Windows and Macintosh.  We have local offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston metropolitan areas, and if you are in USA, Canada or Internationally we support you via web sessions and remote connections (preferred).  We speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian


Source by Andrew Karasev

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