Manage your online store in a convenient way with Store Manager for Magento


Nowadays, the question of online store management is the one of high importance. Retailers from all over the world search for efficient ways to handle their online stores. IT technologies are not lacking behind and supply owners of e-business with numerous offers. Great variety of software is suggested to online retailers to make online store management more convenient.

One of the most downloaded shopping carts lately is Magento Commerce. Thus, more users who start using this application need efficient assistance in managing their inventory. There’s such solution – Store Manager for Magento. It’s a software developed by MagneticOne which allows you to quickly and effectively manage your Magento-based online store: products, product attributes, categories, manufacturers, orders, and other information.

Store Manager for Magento has user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy and convenient for you to work with this application. This application has a lot of features, which will help to manage and automate different aspects of your store. With the help of this software you will be able to import and export from (to) Excel / CSV to your store in few minutes. It allows the user to update store product quantities, prices and other data using file from your supplier. All you have to do is just import that file into your Store Manager!

Store Manager for Magento is very convenient tool for multiple stores management; you can manage as many stores as you wish using one application and quickly switch between them. All changes you make will be applied to the whole store instantly – no delayed updates. Store Manager for Magento is everything you need to keep the look and content of your store fresh and up-to-date, always.

Store Manager for Magento provides you with the following features:

… effective management of products, categories, orders, and manufacturers

… quick and easy products import/export including product attributes, additional fields,   manufacturers, categories, etc

… easy product navigation, quick search, advanced filters

… import from excel/.csv to magento

… export to excel/.csv from magento

…  multiple stores management

… multilingual

…  and much more

Store Manager for Magento possesses a variety of Reporting Tools. You will be able to modify, edit and even translate your reports to different languages. Also you can design reports of your own using appropriate tool. Just some basic SQL skills are required. Thus you will be able to view orders, reports, keep track of sales, and much more.

Store Manager for Magento is a tool you’ve been waiting for. It simplifies management of your Magento-based store, makes it more convenient and effective. Make a smart decision for your business – get perfect assistant to make the management of your Magento-based online store much easier! Purchase Store Manager for Magento today to save your time, make store management more convenient and your business more profitable.

Make your business successful with Store Manager for Magento.


Source by Martin Wann

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