Is it the Lebron’s Or the Cav’s



LeBron has proven that he is an incredible player, and he does have a pretty good supportive cast. Yet, the series between the Hawks and the Cavs was ridiculous. On Saturday night LeBron had more points and assists than the rest of the his team combined. The Hawks looked pitiful and probably could have been beaten by a 12 and under girls AAU basketball team. They weren’t passing and if they did it was to the Cavs.

Most of their players were trying to take a Cavalier defender one on one and it normally ended with a block or a turnover. I will give some credit to the Cavs, but overall the Hawks just looked horrible. LeBron was the Most Valuable Player this year for the NBA and has put up outstanding numbers. Combined with that his supporting cast has done their jobs behind their superstar and have played great defense. Can one man win an NBA championship? Ask Jordan or Kobe or Shaq, and you will find it does take a whole team. Are the Cavaliers a great team?

That is a question that I am not sure about. I think they are good, but when they hit a team like the Lakers or the Celtics they will find out how great they are. I do enjoy watching LeBron play, but please going from an incredible Bulls/Celtics series to a woeful Hawks/Cavs series doesn’t do it for me. That is what makes these NBA playoff series so fun, you never know what you are going to get. That is why we play the game.


Source by Blaire Taylor

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