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I am at my desk with a coffee and looking out from time to time admiring this beautiful sun. Planning with the mind the things I should do this week and I’d like to do in this 2015 also studying how to draw a mind map on the wall, is a subject which I’ll discuss later because it’s really interesting. But before proposing it, I would like to achieve in the first place to be able to give advice really interesting.

Sell real reason of this article is actually a site [FREE] I want you to know that I’m testing these days and that is giving me really positive results regarding SEO, yes really. As you know before recommending any tool or website, text them firsthand to understand the results and effectiveness. Only in this way can assure you share content values.

The site in question is TSU. Probably you have heard. It ‘a site founded in 2008 in New York and floor plan is gaining more people. It ‘a social network for all purposes. Just like Facebook, gives the opportunity to create your own profile and update it and share photos, articles and videos. I found it out of curiosity while surfing on YouTube and so I decided to try it.

The inscription is via invitation, then you should connect via this link: REGISTRATION TSU. And once you sign up you can enter your data, your personal blog and your Social as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest. The main reason that prompted me to use this social is definitely the SEO. Lately it is becoming much more difficult to optimize a website and get traffic, I realize also that I have in the industry and gain in this way, and why I always recommend them to innovate and find new ways to capture traffic niche and bring it on own blog or website.


Tips for using TSU

Ragtag: As in any Social Network tags is really essential to give a definition of what you are sharing. My main advice is to include at least ten TAG related to your topic when you share a website or an article. Obviously, this allows you to get people interested in what you offer, but the most important thing is to be able to place slowly your website. The result of the SEO will not be absolutely immediate, but given the relevance of the tag to your website the results will come. I did a couple of experiments and I’m noticing them these days.

Twitter: Another piece of advice that I can give to this new social network you connect to your Twitter account. So immediately and automatically share content on Twitter. The link will acquire value to the eyes of the search engines and will slowly indexing.

N.B. In recent years, Google has changed many algorithms for positioning at least make it difficult for anyone who does not share valuable content. So the first factor to be able to index a site, you do not think of SEO. That’s right. In this way, your attention will focus much on the content and your visitors. If the site will appeal to your customers will of course also attractive to search engines.


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