DJAX Predictive Analytics: A New Tool Businesses Will Surely Love


Overall, as an online business and advertiser, it is important that you have complete control over your website statistics such as details on who visits your site, how often and other particulars regarding your website’s data. Looking over your database may become a tedious task for some especially if you don’t have the right tools to use. It can be very time consuming, and the entire process is tedious and even confusing. This is where the dJAX Predictive Analytics tool comes in handy. What is this all about, what are the features and how can it benefit business owners?

The dJax Package includes dJAX Predictive Analytics which makes it easier for owners to check a report of the entire system without consuming too much of their time. It has a sleek user interface that makes everything easier on your end. As a matter of fact, with this product, you can get detailed report analytics in a simpler and a more elegant user interface. Because it is simple to read, with the help of charts and graphs, consumers can easily and quickly understand how the system works and what it does.

Some of the things that you can expect from dJAX Predictive Analytics may include but not limited to:

Behavioral Targeting

This is one of the most important details that a publisher must check. Behavioral targeting allows you to determine particular pages that a visitor checks when they land on your website, which includes searches, links they click, duration that they have spent on their browser and many other significant data. This particular technique breaks down all your visitors, into various channels depending on their activity.

Advanced Unique clicks and Impressions

In the advertising industry, your total number of hits per day is important, but it is even more relevant to determine the number of unique clicks and visitors that you get, coming from a specific zone, city or country – depending on the preferences you set. This means that visitors who have visited the twice more than once will not be counted as a unique hit. The specific dJAX Predictive Analytics package will give you an idea on the number of “new” and “unique” people or IP addresses land to your advertisements, playing a significant role towards your other advertising and marketing strategies.

Country statistics

Aside from determining the number of unique visitors that you get, it is also essential for advertisers and publishers to see which country you are receiving hits from. This way, you can target the right country and work on specific advertising plans on that specific country. For example, if you have found out that your banners work well with Asians, you can target a specific country to improve sales and revenues, rather than spending time on another country which you’re not getting enough visitors from.

Periodic Revenue Reports

dJAX Predictive Analytics tool allows you to see how much revenues you’ve earned on a specific period of time. you can choose the start and end date to see whether you’re improving within that period or whether you need to restructure your advertising methods. 


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