Celebrities And Hubris


Hubris, in laymen’s terms, is defined as excessive pride. Excessive pride to many people equals arrogance. Think of how many individuals you may have encountered in your lifetime who posses this quality. Many people just deal with them and others by simply writing them off. Take a look, however, at today s professional athletes and celebrities that possess this quality. We still pay hundreds of dollars per event every year to see their shows and watch them play in highly publicized games. Many of these people learn nothing from their mistakes, from their attitudes, and continue to live as they do, arrogant individuals who think they are above the law.

Look at politicians if you want a daily example of this. Many commit immoral and unethical acts all of the time but they still hold their positions of power without any recourse. Celebrities who rack up DUI and drug charges simply pull from their millions to bail themselves out of sticky situations. Athletes caught in similar acts pay their dues and jump right back into the game. While league commissioners often slap hefty fines and sometimes suspensions on professional athletes, with time, they are usually right back at it, poor behavior and all.

At what point do law abiding citizens, honest tax payers like ourselves, hold our ground and say that enough is enough? Fans and followers of these people hold the key to true redemption; to true behavior remediation. What can we do? Is boycotting games, movie theatres, and rock shows enough? Unfortunately, there are too many people that overlook the behavior and will still pay top dollar to sold-out arenas and shows to see these celebrities, all bad behavior aside.

What about the law, league commissioners, and other associations that these high profile individuals belong to? Can they inflict harsher punishments for ethical and illegal crimes? While both would likely help to deter the behavior, one or the other is simply not enough. Accountability needs to be placed on these people by both the fans and the higher organizations they belong to. We must remember, these people are in the public eye. Everything that they do, every law, illegal or ethical, that they break, and every sorry statement that they make is seen by thousands of people across the nation. The more people are exposed to this, and the more they see these individuals get a slap on the wrist, the more likely the average Joe is to behave in a similar manner.

Public figures need to remember that they are in the public eye. Every action they take is seen by thousands if not millions and has the potential to influence people for the better or worse. Until something can be done to truly make them see the error of their ways, problems with excessive pride and arrogance will continue to be a behavior that is seen fit for anyone. In Greek mythology, those who suffered from hubris were often lead to their inevitable fates, usually one which held them accountable for their actions. We need to do the same.


Source by KJ Kerner

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